Day Camp

Give your pup the Day Camp of their wildest dreams!

Imagine your furry friend on a 45-acre vacation wonderland of rolling countryside – that's Camp Cookstown! Your dog deserves the very best, and here, they can bask in the sun, catch some shade for a comfy nap, or dive into our puppy pools for a splashy good time. It's all about carefree play, having a blast with other doggy pals, under the watchful eye of our oh-so-affectionate Camp Counselors.

Even on rainy days, your pup will cozy up in our rustic, snug country barn, heated during the winter. And when the sun's blazing, they'll keep their cool with the barn's awesome air conditioning. But here's the deal: once your dog gets a taste of Camp Cookstown, they might just want to stick around for good!

Our Rates

A small price to pay for your dog's happiness.


Day Camp

$45 per day


$375 10 DAY PACK

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Click Here to book your 2 Free Days! Free Night!