Camp Cookstown sounds awesome! What should I tell my parents?


You must be at least 3 months old, spayed or neutered (if over 9 months).  You must also be in good health, flea/tick-free, friendly to all dogs, and generally love to play.


What time can I be dropped off and picked up?


Drop-off times are between 7:30am - 8:30am or 11:00am - 12:00pm.

Pick-up times are between 11:00am - 12:00pm or 5:00pm - 6:00pm.


What if my mommy and daddy need to cancel my booking?


Are you ready for this? Your parents can cancel your booking anytime at absolutely NO charge.  Yes, you read that right!  Nadda! Nothin'!


What will I do while I'm at camp?


While at camp, you will have an all-access pass.  Whether you enjoy playing with your friends in our one-acre fenced-in area, or just lounging around in our beautiful, brand new country barn - you're free to do as you like while being supervised by our Camp Counselors.  You can even cool off in one of our puppy pools!  100% satisfaction guaranteed!


How many friends will I make?


That's up to you!  We accept a maximum of 40 dogs at a time so if you're lucky, you might make 39 new friends!


Can I get a pedicure at Camp?


No, you're a dog! We will cut your nails if needed.


Do you offer Spa Packages?


If your parents want you looking your absolute best when you return home, we offer The Spa Treatment!  Click here for more details.


Why do I need a Meet & Greet before I can come to Camp?


Prior to you being accepted as a camper, we arrange a 20 minute Meet & Greet with you and your parents to assess your suitability for the camp environment.  This process consists of bringing you into our cozy country barn to be introduced to the rest of our pack while your parents wait eagerly outside for the - hopefully - incredible news!  We prefer to bring you into our barn without your parents to ensure that you are completely comfortable. You will only meet a few dogs at a time so you don’t get too overwhelmed.  Once we are confident with your reaction to our dogs, you will then be able to join us anytime for Day Camp & Overnight!


Can my Mommy and Daddy check in on me?


Absolutely! They can email us or call our office anytime.


What will I eat while I'm at Camp?


We feed you exactly what you eat at home.  Just make sure your Mommy and Daddy pack enough food for your entire stay.


What if my friends eat my food?


That won't happen because we feed each of you one at a time.


Can I take a nap at Camp?


Yes, you're welcome to snooze wherever and whenever you'd like.


Will I always be supervised?


Yes, you will be with our staff from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.


What if I get sick or injured?


Not to worry! Our Camp Counselors are all certified in Pet First Aid and Pet CPR and will take excellent care of you.  We also have a 24-hour emergency veterinary clinic just minutes away.


If I need medication who will give it to me?


We administer medication that has been provided by your parents in pill, powder, or liquid form, for no additional fee.  All medications must be in the original container.


How far in advance should I make a reservation?


It is best to make a reservation well in advance of your stay.  Our camp fills up quite quickly so early booking is highly recommended!


I'm a Senior.  What if I can't keep up with my younger roommates?


Our Camp Counselors keep a careful watch to ensure the well being and safety of all the Campers.


What if I'm being bullied by another camper?


We have a zero tolerance policy and our Camp Counselors are well trained in the prevention of dog fights.  Remember that all dogs are carefully assessed prior to admission to camp.


Can I bring my iPad?




Can I bring my blanky?


Yes, but don't expect to take it home in one piece!

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