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Join us on a heartwarming journey through a text message tale between Camp Cookstown and one of our adventurous furry guests. This charming chat isn’t just entertaining – it’s also packed with insights and answers to all the questions you might have!



What do my parents need to know before I can join the pack at Camp Cookstown?


At Camp Cookstown, we're all about creating a safe and fun playtime for our furry guests. To join the fun, you should be over 3 months old, in good health, free from fleas and ticks, spayed or neutered if over 9 months, and ready to make new doggy friends!


What time can I be dropped off and picked up?


Drop-off times are between:

  • Morning: 7:30am - 8:30am
  • Midday: 11:00am - 12:00pm.

Pick-up times are between:

  • Midday: 11:00am - 12:00pm
  • Evening: 5:00pm - 6:00pm

What if my mom and dad need to change their plans? Can they cancel my booking?


Of course! Your parents can cancel your booking anytime, and guess what? It won't cost them a single treat! Nope, not a biscuit, nada!


What exciting adventures are in store for me at camp?


Oh, you have no idea! You’ll get the VIP treatment! Whether it's playtime in our fenced area, lounging in the barn, or taking a dip in our puppy pools, You'll have a pawsitively amazing time. Our dedicated Camp Counselors ensure your safety and happiness, and we guarantee a tail-wagging experience!


How many furry pals can I look forward to hanging out with during my time at Camp Cookstown?


We like to keep the paw-ty small and cozy, with a maximum of 40 furry friends!


Is it possible for me to get a bath at Camp Cookstown?


Absolutely! If your mom and dad are all about that post-Camp glam, we've got your back with 'The Spa Treatment!’ Check out the full scoop here!


Can you tell me more about the Meet & Greet process at Camp Cookstown?


Before you become a happy camper, we arrange a 20-minute Meet & Greet with you and your parents to make sure you'll feel right at home at camp. During this special session, you'll step into our cozy country barn to meet some of our furry friends, while your parents eagerly wait outside for the exciting news! We like to introduce you to our pack without your parents initially to ensure your comfort. You'll meet just a few dogs at a time to prevent any overwhelming moments. Once we're confident in your reaction to the pack, you'll be all set to join us for your camp adventure!


Is it possible for my parents to check in on me?


Absolutely! Your folks can drop us an email or ring up the office whenever they're missing you. Plus, for a sneak peek of your daily shenanigans, they can always check out our Camp Cookstown social media pages – we post updates every day!


What's on the menu during my stay at Camp Cookstown?


We want you to feel right at home, so we'll provide you with the same delicious meals you enjoy with your Mommy and Daddy. Just make sure they pack enough food for your entire stay, and we'll take care of the rest, ensuring your meals are served with love and care.


What if my buddies decide to have a taste of my scrumptious meal?


No worries at all! We've got a clever system in place to serve meals individually, ensuring that everyone enjoys their own food without any mix-ups. Your plate is exclusively yours!


Is it okay if I take a nap during my time at Camp?


Absolutely, feel free to snuggle up for a cozy nap wherever and whenever you fancy.


Will there always be someone keeping an eye on me?


Absolutely, you'll have our staff by your side from the time you rise and shine to when you snuggle in for the night.


When it's time for us to hit the hay in the barn, will one of our two-legged pals be bunking with us, or do we get the digs to ourselves?


When it’s time for lights out, the barn’s all yours. It’s equipped like a secure sleepaway camp. We ensure it’s safe and sound, with everything you need for a peaceful night’s sleep. It’s your own spot under the stars, and we’re always monitoring closely.


What if I'm feeling under the weather or get hurt?


Don't you worry at all! Our Camp Counselors are certified in Pet First Aid and Pet CPR, and they're here to take wonderful care of you. Plus, we're just a stone's throw away from a 24-hour emergency veterinary clinic, so you're always in good hands. Your health and happiness are what matter most to us!


What happens if I need my medication during my stay?


We've got your back. If your parents bring your medication in its original container, whether it's in pill, powder, or liquid form, we'll take care of it for you at no extra cost. Your health and well-being are our top priorities!


How far in advance should I plan my stay at Camp Cookstown?


We recommend making your reservation as early as possible to secure your spot. Our camp tends to fill up quickly, so booking in advance is a great idea to ensure availability!


As a senior pup, what if I can't match the energy of my younger roommates?


Don't worry, our attentive Camp Counselors are always on the lookout, ensuring the safety and happiness of all our beloved Campers.


What should I do if I'm not getting along with another camper?


At Camp Cookstown, your happiness and safety are our top priorities! Our Camp Counselors are trained to prevent any conflicts or bullying. We want every camper to have a paw-sitive experience, which is why we carefully assess all dogs before they join our camp.


Am I allowed to bring my favorite blanky with me to camp?


Of course, feel free to bring your blanky along for the ride! But don't expect to take it home in one piece!

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