Meet the Owners

From performing country
classics in Vegas with
Shania Twain to embracing
the peaceful country life at
Camp Cookstown
with your beloved dogs!


What an incredible journey it has been! Who could have predicted that we'd blend our two great loves: music and dogs?

It all began at the tender age of 19, when we embarked on a musical adventure that took us on a whirlwind tour around the world. After savoring international success, we returned to our Canadian roots, yearning for a new kind of fulfillment.

Our relentless touring often left us in a quandary, searching for a safe haven for our furry companions. You see, to know us is to know that dogs hold a special place in our hearts, much like music does for our souls. That's when, in 2008, a brilliant idea struck – Camp Cookstown was born, the finest doggy vacation destination on the planet. An open-concept boarding camp designed especially for your four-legged friends.

We're true-blue dog lovers, believing that a happy dog is one who feels secure, revels in the great outdoors, and enjoys the company of fellow canine pals. Thus, Camp Cookstown came to life, a place where you – fellow dog enthusiasts like us – can send your dog for day camp or have complete peace of mind when you go on vacation, knowing your dog is snugly tucked in with us overnight. Our devoted staff goes above and beyond to keep your dog entertained, healthy, and active. Your furry family member will be cozy and safe in our brand-new, state-of-the-art barn, heated in the winter and cooled in the summer, tucked away in our idyllic countryside.

With a sprawling 45 acres of rolling farmland, your dog will make lifelong friendships, frolic, and just have an absolute blast with other dogs, carefully chosen for their compatible temperaments. It's a recipe for friendships that last a lifetime!

Back when we'd dash off to harmonize with Shania Twain at The Coliseum in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, we were filled with the comforting knowledge that our dogs were content, safe, and perhaps, to our chagrin, not even missing us!


Ryan & Dan


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